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Sims Next Top Model is a YouTube series created by EdgysimZ, which premiered on November 23rd 2011. Models were invited to audition for Cycle 1 on August 18th 2011, and semi-finalists were announced September 9th. Cycle 2 casting was opened on February 1st 2012, with the finalists announced April 7th. Cycle 2 is currently airing.


Cycle 1 Fadeout (without Cameron)


Cycle 2 Fadeout

Sims Next Top Model cyclesEdit

Cycle Premiere Date Winner Runner-up Contestants No.of contestants Overseas Destination
Cycle 1 November 23rd 2011 Ongoon Tvishu Coral Sweetheart

Emma Shoze, Ericka Smith, Shane Belrose, Isis Macdonald, Annaliese Tomaselli, Charlott Bones, Jazmin Rivera & Molly Quinn, Alphie Whitehead, Cameron Moreno, Mindee Noir

13 Amsterdam, Holland
Cycle 2 January 11th 2013 TBA TBA

Eliminated: Lili Wong, Blixt Jones

Still in the running: Amber Whiskie, Annaleigh Ainsworth, Avery Goldwyn, Bluee Stone, Elizabeth Montgomery, Irene Falkner, Izzy Vyxsyn, Kimberley Karditz, Krista Red, Lorian Dayton, Pamela Campbell, Priska Angello, Reny Sloazo, Whitney Simple

16 Canberra, Australia

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Random Facts and stuffsEdit

Did you know that Jewleean16 girls (Pamela from Cycle 2 and Jasmin from Cycle 1) where the first girls to have the FCO of their respective cycles?

Did you know that Coral (Cycle 1) was originally gonna be placed much lower than she actually was? 

Cycle 2 would have actually more than 1 international destination?

Some girls in Cycle 2 cast originally weren't gonna make it.

Did you know that at the time that Mindee was eliminated, she haved the Highest average COO?

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